Connotations coming to one's mind such as Spirit, Fire, Air, Breath and Distillate were not unintentional when looking for a name for this sublime ensemble.
The unusual combination oft he soprano voice, flute and cello of the sisters Nathalie, Evelyn and Nicole Peña Comas with guitars played by Damien Lancelle and Gonzalo Manrique and the Double bass played by Rubén Sánchez offers inventive arrangement options in various musical styles. The purpose behind each arrangement of Spirituosi's exotic repertoire, be it classic or folklore mainly from Latin America, is to keep the essential aspects of the original and, at the same time, to create something new and unique for this special formation.
With introductions to its ptoposed programme the ensemble seeks to involve the audience providing them with an interactice musical experience.

6 Spirituosi, 6 Biographies:
Nathalie Peña Comas, soprano
Evelyn Peña Comas, flute
Nicole Peña Comas, cello
Damien Lancelle, guitar
Gonzalo Manrique, guitar
Rubén Sánchez, double bass